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Translational Research

Research Shapes the Future
No one is surprised to be prescribed antibiotics for strep throat or administered anesthesia prior to knee surgery. Though these medical miracles are now taken for granted, both existed as unproven theories that required research and investment before becoming part of mainstream practice.
With the support and commitment of its philanthropic community, Houston Methodist physicians and scientists incorporate groundbreaking laboratory research into life-altering clinical practice every day.
So we can all envision a day when neurodegenerative conditions are managed with medicine, when cancer cells are routinely reprogrammed to self-destruct, when artificial intelligence detects disease at ever-earlier stages — and when these and other emergent advances move from the complex to the commonplace.
This is the promise of translational medicine at Houston Methodist.


Setting the Future in Motion
Every first-rate physician begins as a resident new to the field. It takes expert instruction, hands‑on learning and attentive mentorship to train the leaders who will change the medicine of tomorrow. When these bright young minds meet top clinician-scientists, the result is novel research and scholarly activity that benefit not only student and teacher but also society at large. For patients, this means broader access to expert providers and the kind of highly specialized care only available at academic medical institutions.
At Houston Methodist, philanthropic support enhances a competitive graduate medical education program that hosts nearly 400 high-achieving residents and fellows each year. With partners including Weill Cornell Medical College, Texas A&M University, the University of Houston and Rice University, Houston Methodist’s education programs pique the imagination and power innovation.
Together, we all drive the translational research that sparks solutions.

Patient experience

Leading with Compassion
There’s so much more to health care than the treatment of illness and disease. Patients want to know that they’ve been heard and understood and that they have a trusted partner walking alongside them as they navigate uncertainty. Houston Methodist’s distinctive approach to wellness is centered on providing care for the body, mind and spirit, underscoring our imperative commitment to individualized, holistic care.
Core values of integrity, compassion, accountability, respect and excellence come to life in our patients’ health care journeys. While Houston Methodist leads medicine by integrating world-renowned expertise with first-rate research and innovation, we do so by leading with compassion for our patients and their families.
These are their stories.