THANKS TO THE ALLISONS, TRaining in cardiovascular surgery IS available anywhere with internet
In the Houston Methodist Department of Cardiovascular Surgery, history repeats itself with achievements in surgical innovations. Much like in the days of its pioneer, Dr. Michael E. DeBakey, the department today learns from a leader who is never satisfied with the status quo. Dr. Alan B. Lumsden and his colleagues, in collaboration with a multidisciplinary team of videographers, are always expanding educational opportunities for cardiovascular surgeons by harnessing technology and digital tools. One major result is Houston Methodist DeBakey CV Education, a virtual hub for cardiovascular academic and clinical educational programs. “It doesn’t really make sense to teach something as dynamic as surgery with black-and-white writing and pictures,” says Dr. Lumsden, who holds the Walter W. Fondren III Presidential Distinguished Chair at the DeBakey Heart & Vascular Center and is also chair of the Department of Cardiovascular Surgery. “And so, we teach it using these well-edited videos.” The DeBakey CV Education platform allows Houston Methodist specialists to provide free education models, conference presentations, and livestreaming of select DeBakey education courses to up-and-coming surgeons anywhere with access to the internet. And Dr. Lumsden and company are relying on a popular platform to reach their audience: YouTube. With 14.2 billion visits per month — more than Facebook, Wikipedia, Amazon, and Instagram — YouTube is the ideal site to reach a massive audience. “It is one of the more important vehicles to use to get our message out,” says Dr. Lumsden. The DeBakey CV Education YouTube channel is fast approaching 14 million views, and a generous gift from Carolyn and Bob Allison has enabled Dr. Lumsden and his colleagues to expand the channel’s robust video library. Now, video production experts can record surgical procedures in four Houston Methodist operating suites, with plans to expand further. “The training platform is designed to help not just Houston Methodist but the entire field of cardiovascular medicine,” says Bob Allison, who established with his wife, Carolyn, the Allison Family Cardiovascular Surgical Training and Advanced Technology Program. On the YouTube channel, Dr. Lumsden notes that viewers have access to a prolific library of content. “There are more surgical and interventional procedure videos now available on our channel than anywhere else in the world,” says Dr. Lumsden. “Because we’ve had resources to build this, our YouTube videos don’t have advertisements.” Additionally, the center hosts grand rounds, featuring lectures from experts around the world, on the YouTube channel. The channel also has attracted some of the world’s top talent and next-generation superstars to Houston Methodist. “Almost every single applicant to our training programs in cardiology and cardiac and vascular surgery has watched our YouTube videos,” says Dr. Lumsden. “Many say that they applied here because they feel like they know us. They appreciate the quality of work that we’re doing. They want to be a part of it.” This global reach helps bring high-quality medical training to areas that would otherwise not have access to it. “I have searched and seen other resources but always find your channel to outrank and outperform the rest,” says a viewer in South Africa. “We are providing surgical education to underserved communities, underserved countries, and the world — anywhere that’s got good internet,” says Dr. Lumsden. “That’s a beautiful thing.”
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With sincerest thanks to generous benefactors Carolyn and Bob Allison